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Storage service

Each of our office is independent of others. We offer more choice regarding the size of warehouses available and each includes a number of protective felt, to store goods safely. The prices of our local varies depending on their size.

When you rent a warehouse, you get the following garantees :

  • A room in which the indoor temperature is controlled to be maintained between 19°C et 23°C. Our heating system is within our floors via hot water pipes, making sure that no moisture is created within the local.

  • All our facilities are constructed against fire, leaving about 2 hours for firefighters to intervene before the fire could spread to other premises.

  • Each room is equipped with a certain amount of felt protectors for rent.

  • All stores are equipped with steel doors (so no lock is necessary).

  • The building is equipped with an alarm system, a ventilation system and air conditioning.

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