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About our rental contracts

Any rental storage space necessarily requires a lease, according to a period in months. The contract describes and explains what both parties agree.

Here are some points contained in the contract :

  • Accessibility :

    The tenant has acces to its local rentals during the opening hours of SP Moving company, from Monday to Saturday. If the tenant needs to have access to its premises after hours, he must contact us 3 to 5 days in advance to arrange an agreement, and reserve the time of the person responsible that day. Please also note that hours may vary during the winter.

  • Person :

    The tenant must provide the personal details of at least one person (address and telephone number) in case the address privided in the contract will be valid for you join, or if death. The resource person is a person whom the tenant permits access to its premises, that person must provide an identity card to access the site. Without such proof of identity, access will be automatically rejected.

  • Insurance :

    The landlord can provide insurance cover fire, theft and vandalism. Each took $ 20 / mit for this insurance by the tenant, covers damage to a sum of $ 20,000. The landlord may also, by notifying its own insurers, apply at the level of storage.

    The landlord agrees to :
    • Do anything dangerous or flammable or explosive material, perishables, animals living or dead, material or articles emitting odors not sublet the property or allow others to store goods;
    • or goods without prior written permission from landlord to use the site any unlawful purpose;
    • Leave at the end of the lease, the leased premises clean and free of any object or waste. The waste left behind will be removed at the expense of the tenant, the bill being transmitted to the latter.

  • Change of address :

    The tenant has the obligation to provide the landlord any new address. Any notice or service will be mailed to the last address provided by the tenant presumed to be valid. In any case the tenant can raise the failure to have received the opinion or meaning, if the notice or the meaning was at the address given in this contract.

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