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In 2008, SP Moving himself as a specialist in the field of residential removals throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas. It's more than 3,000 removals per year that are made with great care and is still at very competitive prices. Today, our removal services now extend across Quebec and Ontario. We also offer a new storage solution, our mini warehouse.

How was born the company?
Every company starts with a dream and this dream was made by Sylvain Parisien, founder and removal professionnal. He began at the age of 21 years old in 1999 with only a van and some protective blankets as equipement. Initialy, he made the transport of some furniture after his employement at construction sites or during evenings and weekends.

His work has always been with a thoroughness and competitive pricing. In his biggest surprise, it had targeted a market in which large companies did not want to works or do small moves. After reflection, he decided to leave his job to start his own business. Thus was born SP Moving.

He purchased a small trailer closed (6 x 10). Now, his services was available 7 days out 7 in the morning all that evening. Over time, reference, Sylvain and his young company saw its services increasingly coveted. So he purchased a larger trailer and decided to hire some employees to carry out their residential removals. Also on the scene relocation, Sylvain ensured the complete satisfaction of its customers. He made his place among the major... and today, it has become a thriving business always at the forefront to offer a simple guarantee to its customers increasingly... the satisfaction of being well served!

Are you moving?
Make use of specialists. Our team of professionnals offers a simple, fast and efficient work. At S.P. Moving, you will find the satisfaction...

Need storage?
You need a place to store your belongings some time. So a solution is yours. Which? SP Moving warehouses...

We hire
So if you like the manual work, contact with the public and good wages, send your resume...
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